Young delta heart

Building Go Free Range:
Looking inward.

Cultivating a collective mind.

I'm part of a group of people, together we are building a company called Go Free Range.

Introspection, for the good of the company.

One of the nice things about Go Free Range is the feeling being part of a group, but that requires learning about and trusting each other. We are currently sharpening our focus on what is important to us as a company, and part of this exercise was to write down our personal viewpoint and goals.

I'd like to share what I wrote down.

  1. I want to simplify my decisions.

  2. I want to work on one thing [Go Free Range], because I have found that I'm not very good doing multiple things.

  3. I want to establish a brand, a cohesive identify I can believe in, tell people about, and give myself to. Other than a group of freelancers, the loose association doesn't make me happy, nor does my singular existence as a freelancer. I have trouble with the term already, I think because my normal inclination is to be drawn into chaos, I prefer to discipline myself.

  4. I want to refresh myself regularly, I feel I've stagnated since I left my agency, I used to think I was excellent, now I think I'm coasting as mildly good.

  5. I want to belong to something that with my involvement will be greater, yet perhaps more importantly I'm better off because of my involvement within it.

  6. I want to work full time, and because of that I will afford myself a set period of sabbatical.

  7. I want to share space with others and interact with them on a daily basis, I find this allows me to focus and get inspired.

  8. I want to build products, that are great to use, and inspire me to work on, and use daily.

  9. I want to share what I learn with others, and document what I learn, perhaps even publish something.

  10. I want to become a better designer, and focus on front end development. Weirdly enough I do like javascript.

  11. I want to work with engineers, and I want to establish working practices that will explore the idea of better integrating design into the software process.

  12. I've realised that my original idea of allowing ideas to evolve, and prefer an organic approach is actually aversion and delusion of what I perceived to be freedom.

  13. I now know that discipline and defined action, which followed through daily is the best way I have found to cultivate freedom and happiness.

  14. My wish to travel and live outside of london (I have considered NY, SF, or Japan etc) is really just aversion, and is an attempt to create a focus by removing all other distractions.

  15. I want to practice yoga, and meditation everyday, but I feel I can fit this around a structured work day.

  16. I want to promote education and share knowledge with younger people, as I believe this will help the web / industry that I work in.

  17. I want to be good, mindful of others and I want to learn.

  18. I want to learn to live by less money.